Monday, May 25, 2009

Pool Time!

With the hot weather here, we bought Bella a pool and a cute swimsuit so she could go "swimming". Bella really wanted a two-piece, but Daddy overruled her :)

Cute Pictures

Here are some cute pictures of Bella taken over the last week. Now that she can fit in 12M clothes, she has all sorts of new outfits.

She still only has her two bottom teeth but the two upper teeth are coming soon.

Bath Time

Here's some picture from one of Bella's recent baths. She's loves bath time and would probably stay in there for hours, if it was up to her.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Learning to Walk

We bought Bella a walker last week. She's quickly learning how to use it and should be walking all over the house soon. But before using it, she had to inspect it first as you can see in the first video.

A little bit of walking mixed with a little bit of groovin'.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Bella Update

Bella keeps growing and moving around the house. Mike had to Bella-proof the kitchen cabinets so she can't get into them anymore and the baby gates are next. She's in to everyting and has really enjoyed Mike being home over the past 5 days as he's recovered from laser eye surgery. He's recovering nicely.
Despite what it looks like, Bella enjoyed her first taste of Young's ice cream. Grampa will be so proud to see this picture.

Bella fell into her toys and couldn't get up for a while.

For some reason, she really likes the salad dressings.

Tracy and Bella at Young's Dairy.

She had about a one-week phase where she took a pacifier. Now we can't find it, so the phase is over.

Happy Mother's Day from Mike and Stella(???)

Tracy celebrated her first Mother's Day yesterday. Unfortunately, the florist misheard Mike and wrote Bella's name wrong. She thought I said Stella, even though I spelled it for her. Oh well, Tracy still enjoyed her day.